We cover all closing costs and there are no commissions.

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Growing our businesses together through standardized, repeatable processes.

Our Renovation Approach

Speed and efficiency in the rehab process
Quality of
Appreciation for our community
Mutual respect for everyone involved
Integrity of our product delivered to the marketplace
Consistent crews, familiar faces, repeatable results

Benefits Of Partnering With Us

We Pay Fast

We know one of the most difficult things to manage as a contractor is payroll and cash flow. When you work with us we let you know upfront exactly what the criteria is for phase completion and we pay you promptly upon completion so we can all move fast and make money together.

Make Your Job Easier

The biggest headache for a contractor is working with a company that isn’t organized, doesn’t have systems, and isn’t sure what they want. We have a standardized and repeatable process to provide you with everything you need to know to do your job well such as a pre-determined SOW, identified spec levels, and clear direction on desired results.

Consistent Workflow

Our goal as investors is to flip between 3-5 houses per month which means you’ll have the opportunity to bid on up to 60 houses per year. Our network of investors and lenders gives us an aggressive approach to fixing and flipping houses which means more work for our contractors. We want to partner with reliable contractors that don’t have to focus on customer or job acquisition so you can stay busy on multiple projects as we continue to grow together.

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