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How Motivated are YOU to Succeed in Real Estate Investing?

I saw this short video post today on LinkedIn and it made me think of all my Homeschooled Family:

How does this apply to YOU?

“Are you playing at the level you’re capable of?”

“Are you the best version of yourself?”

Are you ready to take your REI game to the next level?

What’s that going to take?

I’ve shared with some of you the mission statement I made when I was just out of college at my first real sales job.


I hadn’t made a single sale in my first 6 weeks, and I was getting frustrated.

The Temptation to Give Up

At that point I really had two option:

  1. Give Up!
  2. Push Forward!

Giving up is easy.

I can blame my situation on others.

I can say it just wasn’t the right time.

I can switch directions over and over again (a workaround for giving up).

Look at my friend Tarek’s story:

He had SO many points in his life where he could have given up.

But he didn’t.

And through each trial there was a new level of success!

What’d I Choose?

Like Tarek, I chose to push through.

I wasn’t going to give up or quit.

So I talked to the VP of Sales at this company, Aaron.

I asked him what I should do.

I was afraid to set any big goals for fear I wouldn’t hit them.

He heard me out and then gave me some of the best advice that I’ll never forget.

“Watch those who are doing what you want to be doing. What’s working for them? How do they operate? What numbers are they hitting?

“If THEY can do it, so can YOU!”

He went on to tell me that setting a goal was only for me.

If I felt it was too big (or too small), I could always change it.

So I took his advice.

The Moller Mission Statement

I found out what the best sales person was doing, what his numbers were, and then I started monitoring. This monitoring caused me to create my first mission statement.

I am the best salesman at [put in your company name] with a 6 week average of over [specific amount of money] in sales.

I am making [specific amount of money] per week which is helping me achieve and exceed my six month goal of [specific amount of money] by June 30, [year] and [specific amount of money] by Dec. 31, [year].

My keys to success have been confidence, focus, overcoming all fears, hard work, persistence, patience, and expecting to succeed, along with listening to the best, taking effective notes which I apply immediately, setting specific goals that I review daily, and focusing on getting 3 new sales per day, clients that need the products we are offering.

I never worry about things I can’t change. I focus only on what I do have control over: attitude, knowledge, skills and work ethic.

I’m happy to be running my business successfully and will continue to develop multiple streams of income. These multiple streams of income will help me achieve my life goal: [specific long term goal].

What’s crazy is this WORKED!

I read (and eventually memorized) the mission statement out loud 3 times a day.

At first I didn’t really believe it.

But the more I read it and rehearsed it and reminded myself of what it was saying, the more it BECAME ME!

My initial goal was to hit $40,000 in commissions for my first year and I hit that almost to the penny.

The next year I DOUBLED that mark.

And the rest is history.

What’s Your Mission Statement

So here’s the challenge:

1. Review my mission statement
2. Re-write it in your own words.
3. Post it here for the community to see.
4. Start reading it morning, noon and night.
5. Document your progress.

You can do this!

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Upscale Property Group, Philadelphia PA
To use social media platforms and business website to market and engage public and personal interest of new seller leads as well as jobs for contractors.
To establish, connect and build confidence of Wholesalers and Private money investors to invest in real estate.
Preserve and redesign local and Tri-state residential homes for families to create good memories in their community.
As a landlord, create short-term rentals for tenants and maintain interior and exterior maintenance of rental properties. Build teams of licensed general contractors for new homes and rentals.
By May/June 2023- become a licensed real estate agent and long-term vision, National license.
After year one success or when financially feasible, hire an executive manager and lead-generation employees to field calls for new, upcoming properties.
Projected financial goals for year-1 are expected to reach $200,000 or quarterly $50,000. Profits will be reinvested for new property renovations and future investments.
For strong business growth and success, we will provide a high integrity of workmanship, timely innovative solutions inside and outside the home. Application of leading technologies with up-to-date security to protect company data, reliability and confidence for teamwork throughout the year. Year 2, pursue a Woman’s Leadership Development certificate.

I am the best wholesaler and investor at The Vines Property Group with an average of $10,000 per month. I am the best at analyzing properties for my buyers and for my partners and I to invest in.

I am making $2500 per week, which is helping me achieve my goal of $60,000 by June 30, 2023.

I am happy to be running my business successfully and will continue to develop multiple streams of income. These multiple streams of income will help me achieve my life goal of being the best version of myself, as well as helping others live their best life. These multiple streams of income will help with my goal of becoming financially stable, while living in matrimony with the love of my life, nourishing each other and our children and families, traveling together, splitting time between our homes, living a loving, respectful, fun, sexy harmonious and aligned life. We live in integrity and we value each other, and live in gratitude. Our children love to visit us. Living as Empress and King. Together, we are a power couple, changing lives for the betterment of the planet, while living a healthy lifestyle of flow and abundance.

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