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5 Easy Steps to Add a Blog Post to Your New Website

1. Post Directly in the Blog

Yes, most of us would prefer a “copy & paste” process. But copy and paste, both from a word doc or Google Drive doc, OR from another website, isn’t going to work well. Here’s why:

  1. When I copy and paste from a word doc, there is hidden code which will cause the post to look different on various browsers. In other words, the post layout won’t look the same.
  2. Copying and pasting from another website will have the same code problems AND will be looked at by Google as “duplicate content.” We don’t want this.

Yes, you can get ideas from other blogs and pages, but put them in your own words.


Learn how to create content IN the blog post area. Just like a Word Doc, your website editor, also knows as the WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) is really easy to use. If you’re typing content in the editor, use the Visual tab.

2. Use the different editing features of the editor

Making your blog post scannable is essential. Most readers are at least initially LAZY. They want to skim. So use the following:

  • Bulleted lists
  1. Numbered lists


Add images and align them   Use video directly from YouTube

Use Quotes

Put the blog post into a CATEGORY SCHEDULE your blog posts Make sure you use a FEATURED IMAGE Once you publish, share the link on social media:

  • Facebook page
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Email the link to friends, family and contacts – ask for them to COMMENT.

Short paragraphs: 2-3 sentences at most

3. How to Add a Video to a Blog Post

  1. Step 1: Go To Youtube
  2. Step 2: Copy the Video URL from the address bar
  3. Step 3: Paste it right in the content of the post:


4. Other Important Factors

Internally Link to 2-3 keyword phrases Have a Good Title Use questions that Google is sharing about what my audience is looking for Don’t copy and paste from other articles Don’t copy and paste from a PDF or Word Document Start with 5 main categories Building a website for your business GOAL: 1000-1500 words  

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